RSS in Education

When I started this assignment, I found that I was really afraid of it. I think that my fear stemmed from my lack of knowledge of RSS and then I had to create a video, teaching something that I wasn't comfortable with. After all of that fear and anxiety, I started using Feedly. I found that as I started exploring and utilizing Feedly, I quickly became addicted to it. I absolutely love the ability to customize and choose what I want to read, without having to wade through undesirable information.

The ability to use RSS in my classroom, is a complete no brainer. In the field of surgery, technology and techniques are changing almost on a daily basis. I am incorporating it my class by having them start a Feedly account and start collecting subscriptions to different surgical sites. This will make it so they are staying current in the field. It also serves as tool for them to collect ideas for future research papers.

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