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School Evaluation Summary

At first, I thought that my findings might "WOW" me or give me a different perspective of what I thought the institution that I work for, provided for students. I can honestly say that there were no great misunderstandings or behind the scene's issues that I didn't know about. My suspicions were correct, the administration is very innovative and has great vision for where we can go as a school but lacks the follow through when making it a reality.

I think that it is important to step back and look at your school and conduct an assessment of it, just like this assignment. That way we can use it as a first step to bridging the gap of that perceived digital divide. I can now take this back to my Dean and show my findings as an observer and interviewer and hopefully turn the sporadic "Islands" paradigm into a consistency.

I enjoyed this assignment and am grateful for the opportunity to probe deeper into the root of our technological shortcomings and hopefully b…